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Lesslie and Setly initiate a strategic partnership

Lesslie Technologies and accounting firm Setly initiate a strategic partnership together with the aim of strengthening each other's offerings. Lesslie contributes with the service Lesslie PAY for foreign payments and Setly with its digital platform for accounting and bookkeeping.

Lesslie has built a digital service for companies that trade abroad by reducing banking costs, making payments faster and reducing administrative work. For several years, Setly has built a broad platform for digitized accounting. Their offering simplifies the way customers work and helps them gain control over financial management with smart consultants and smart technology. Lesslie and Setly now offer their services in a package for Nordic companies that trade abroad. This will be a competitive offering in the market for customers who have a lot of currency exposure.

"We look forward to the collaboration and truly believe that this overall offer will be unique on the market for companies that trade internationally, where the ambition is to help all Setly's customers in import and export."

gunnar  Gunnar Rytterling
 Founder and CEO, Lesslie


Right now, Setly is expanding strongly within the Nordics with newly opened offices in Oslo and Copenhagen, this contributes to an increased need for services that help customers with cross-border trade or intra-group transactions between countries. The collaboration and the joint offer will in the future be a strong success factor for both companies' growth in Sweden and further expansion in the Nordics.


"We see a great advantage in working with Lesslie and offering our customers a better option for handling foreign payments, as this benefits both the customers through lower bank fees, and us through reduced administration and manual handling."

henrik  Henrik Åhlin
 Founder and CEO, Setly

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