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Learn how Lesslie improves international payments for many companies in the import and export industry.

Companies engaged in international trade are affected every day by hidden bank fees

"Utilising third-party services that enhance our customers' ecosystems with Business Central aligns perfectly with BrightCom's approach. Lesslie's services are a prime example of what's known as Best of Breed" - Mats...

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"I really appreciate the service. It's easy to use, and you get quick and excellent support when..."

With the Swedish krona weakening against these currencies, financial pressure increased...

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"With Lesslie Pay, our accounting firm can work more safely and efficiently, while also providing cost savings to our customers."

Driv accounting firm struggled with the time-consuming tasks associated with cross-border payments...

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Lesslie assists Invest Living with faster payment times and free transactions to China

"With Lesslie, we have direct contact with experts in international payments, instead of talking to...

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”Our handling of cross-border payments has never been smoother, and as a significant bonus, it's incredibly cost-effective.”

The company had to go through several manual steps for...

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Kundcase - Medfour och Categoria

Lesslie and Categoria have collectively automated Medfour's international payment flow.

The collaboration between Lesslie and the accounting firm Categoria is...

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Sure Taste chocolate selects Lesslie Pay and achieves a 30% saving

Lesslie Pay has also introduced future hedges for Sure Taste, allowing them...

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The change effort that brought more money to a better world

"Lesslie has been working smoothly for us without any complaints so far, and we are delighted that we..."

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The merchandise company SWAGG cuts costs and saves time with Lesslie Pay

With the help of Lesslie Pay, SWAGG has not only regained valuable...

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Lesslie is streamlining processes and minimising costs for Maze Interior

"The collaboration with Lesslie has clarified a lot about our int..."

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Lesslie Pay provides Wettersol with a better financial solution

Managing international payments is a necessity for Wettersol's continued growth and success.

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Kato Japansk Mat

“The collaboration with Lesslie has exceeded our expectations...”

To overcome increased competition and high supplier costs..

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Fubuki case

Overcoming payment barriers and optimising time and cost efficiency with Lesslie Pay

FUBUKI - a favorite in the boots market...

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International businesses using Lesslie

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Learn how much you can save with Lesslie

We save SEK 100,000 annually for out customers through better exchange rates and less administration with automated book-keeping.