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With Lesslie PAY, it becomes both more efficient and cost-effective to handle cross-border payments. As a customer, you receive a comprehensive overview of all your international transactions and can execute them with a single click.

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Visma eEkonomi

Integrate Lesslie PAY with Visma eEkonomi to efficiently manage and automate your international payments. Getting started is as easy as:

1️⃣ Approve the integration with a simple click

2️⃣ Within seconds, we mirror all your international invoices in Lesslie PAY

3️⃣ You're all set to make your first payment with Lesslie PAY

✨ Whoop Whoop! The savings in both time and money are just the beginning. Sit back, relax, and experience a smooth bookkeeping – your financial management for international transactions not only becomes cost-effective but also remarkably smooth.

Group 1048

“Using Lesslie Pay is incredibly smooth and easy for us. We haven't faced any difficulties! We're also grateful that we can call Lesslie whenever we need professional and quick support.”

- Matilda Tapper, Accountant at Driven Ekonomi i Stockholm

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