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Up to 30% lower currency exchange fees.

100% automated bookkeeping

Streamlined payments 

A free multi-currency account


Integrate Lesslie PAY with Fortnox to save time and reduce your bank fees. Lesslie PAY automatically records all transactions based on your cross-border payments and updates the balances on your currency accounts before each month-end closing. This way, you can avoid manual handling of these tasks. 

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Group 1047

Visma eEkonomi

Anslut Lesslie PAY till Visma eEkonomi to save time and reduce your bank fees. Lesslie PAY smoothly manages all your cross-border payments. Experience the convenience of automatic currency correction and invoice marking for paid payments through Lesslie.

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Group 1048

Business Central

Anslut Lesslie PAY till Business Central to optimise the bookkeeping processes and reduce bank fees associated with your cross-border payments. Automatic invoice reading and recipient information input further simplify the process, saving time and eliminating manual accounting tasks. 

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Group 1049

Accountec Byråportal

With our integration into Accountec Byråportal Lesslie PAY becomes the perfect additional service for companies and accounting firms dealing with international transactions. Interested in learning more about the integration? Click on the button below

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Group 1050

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"With Lesslie, we have a direct line to experts in cross-border payments, individuals who handle such transactions daily and can answer all of our questions. Furthermore, Lesslie PAY provides us with faster payments and significantly lower exchange costs."
Mattias Fors
CEO of Invest Living Scandinavia AB
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“Using Lesslie PAY is incredibly smooth and easy for us. We haven't faced any difficulties! We're also grateful that we can call Lesslie whenever we need professional and quick support.”
Matilda Tapper
Accountant at Driven Ekonomi i Stockholm
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”I am extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Lesslie; now we save both time and money. Complicated bookkeeping becomes simple, and we avoid discrepancies in exchange rates."
Magnus Juvén
CEO of på Wettersol
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Lesslie PAY

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Reduced fees

With Lesslie PAY, your company can leverage up to a 30% reduction in currency surcharges compared to traditional banks. Our simple BankID login ensures swift access for signing and executing your company's international payments within a matter of seconds, enhancing efficiency in financial transactions. 

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Less administration

Lesslie PAY automates the reporting of cross-border payments, ensuring that your bookkeeping is always up-to-date. Lesslie PAY automatically generates vouchers and transaction records for each international transaction, making your financial tracking more efficient.

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Streamlined payments

Effortlessly and affordably pay your international suppliers as if they were local payments, thanks to Lesslie's global banking network.

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One multi-currency account

At Lesslie, we offer you one multi-currency account with up to 37 different currencies, allowing you to make payments and receive funds from 180 countries worldwide. 

Lesslie PAY

For those who want to save time and money on their cross-border payments.
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