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The merchandise company SWAGG cuts costs and saves time with Lesslie Pay

With the help of Lesslie Pay, SWAGG has not only regained valuable time but has also reduced its currency exchange and transaction costs for international payments by a full 30% compared to the banks


SWAGG saves 30% on currency and transaction fees compared to their previous banking solution.


Lesslie Pay has reduced the manual accounting of SWAGG's international payments. The result is 100% automated accounting.

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SWAGG - Where Style Meets Branding Excellence

With nearly 40 years of experience in the production agency industry, SWAGG Screen & Textile has established itself as a leading player. Their impressive client list includes Viaplay Group, CHIMI, TacoTruck, Casall, Netflix, and many others, making them one of Sweden's most sought-after companies in promotional clothing and printed promotional products.

Swagg is deeply committed to environmental awareness and takes pride in its GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) as well as its ongoing efforts to minimize its environmental impact. Today, you can visit their recently renovated showroom, which combines a modern and industrial atmosphere with a relaxed lounge area surrounded by fantastic products, a large billiard table, and a trendy bar area.

Key result

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No complications = no headaches

We have seamlessly integrated SWAGG's business system, Fortnox, with Lesslie Pay, resulting in their accounting management for foreign payments now being 100% automated.

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Increased cost savings

Lesslie's service has enabled significant cost savings for SWAGG by significantly reducing their currency exchange and transaction fees compared to their previous bank.

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Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Lesslie has successfully combined the best of both worlds for SWAGG: automation and cost savings. These two crucial factors have resulted in increased customer satisfaction for SWAGG.


"The implementation of Lesslie Pay went so smoothly that I didn't even notice it. One day we didn't have it, and the next day, it was up and running. An INCREDIBLY SMOOTH PROCESS.


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- Dean Lax, CEO and owner of SWAGG. 





Time is money!

Previously, SWAGG managed its finances and accounting in a more traditional manner, relying on manual processes and extensive paperwork, something unfortunately still prevalent in many other companies. However, this approach led to significant issues, creating a cumbersome financial management process riddled with inefficiencies, resulting in time losses and increased operational risks within the accounting department.

Furthermore, as the number of customers grew, so did the costs associated with currency exchange and transaction fees for each supplier invoice. Given that this became a recurring daily challenge, they opened the door to various companies that could potentially become their solution to this problem.


The Best of Both Worlds

SWAGG had explored various options to address their high costs and the management of accounting for their international payments. They had already struggled to find a solution that suited their needs. When they got in touch with Lesslie, they not only got a glimpse of an amazing service that would solve their problems but also excellent customer service with fast, professional, and helpful support. It was like finding a partner who understood their challenges and had the right tools to solve them.

Lesslie knew that time is a valuable resource when running a business, and just like many other business owners, SWAGG's CEO wanted to focus on their core work without having to deal with the time-consuming management of supplier invoices. With Lesslie Pay and its integration with the company's Fortnox business system, the automation of accounting for payments has become a powerful solution. It has streamlined and simplified accounting by eliminating several previously necessary steps. Now, all supplier invoices are sent directly to Lesslie Pay, and payment is made smoothly and automatically with just a simple click.

In addition to simplifying accounting, the company also saves 30% on its currency exchange and transaction fees. This savings not only increases the company's profitability but also allows them to invest in critical areas to remain one of Sweden's most attractive printing companies. It also provides the company with a more stable financial foundation for the future. With Lesslie Pay, SWAGG has truly found a partner that has helped them navigate their challenges and achieve success.


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