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Sure Taste chocolate selects Lesslie Pay and achieves a 30% saving on its cross-border payments

Lesslie Pay helps Sure Taste reduce the company's foreign currency expenses for international payments. In addition to lower costs, time savings are generated as the accounting of currency transactions has been fully automated.


Lesslie Pay has fully automated Sure Taste's accounting process for international payments.

Currency Futures: Future Hedges

Lesslie Pay has also introduced forward contracts for Sure Taste, allowing them to lock in future exchange rates for payments two weeks or more in advance.

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“If you look at the ingredient list for chocolates and confectionery products today, it's evident that most of them contain a significant amount of sugar. We wanted to create a more 'healthy' alternative that only contains real cocoa butter and no chemical sweeteners, a chocolate that tastes like regular chocolate but without added sugar."

- Ange Mertner, CEO and founder of Sure Taste

Sure Taste - 'The natural choice for a sweet life”

Chocolate has a long history and a special place in our traditions and hearts. Chocolate is more than just a delicious treat; it symbolises pleasure, togetherness, joy, and love. Sure Taste was founded by Ange Mertner in 2018 when he realised that there was a lack of truly tasty chocolate without added sugar on store shelves. Today, the company offers a wide selection of chocolate products in various flavors and varieties, available for both individuals and restaurants and cafes. Sure Taste chocolate can be purchased online and is also available in several well-known grocery stores throughout Sweden, such as ICA, Hemköp, Coop, and more. 


"We are passionate about developing products where taste takes center stage. By carefully selecting ingredients, we create products without added sugar, using raw materials from natural sources – we consider it a given and the new normal."



- Ange Mertner, CEO and founder of Sure Taste




A currency exchange challenge

Import and export are of central importance for small growth businesses, especially if you work with chocolate. Fluctuating exchange rates pose significant risks related to imports, which, in turn, directly impact the company's costs and profitability.

The company has encountered significant challenges in managing the complex accounting associated with international payments, resulting in 'headache situations' due to the extensive number of steps and manual work required.


“In short, Lesslie Pay can be summarised as follows: Quick login, experienced and knowledgeable support, significant time savings, cost-effective services, clear expense reduction - in other words, I'm a very satisfied customer!“

- Ange Mertner, CEO and founder of Sure Taste

Increased profitability and efficiency in cross-border payments

With the assistance of Lesslie Pay's integration with the Fortnox business system, Sure Taste's accounting process for international payments has now been fully automated, reaching a 100% automation rate. The company has also achieved an impressive 30% savings compared to bank exchange markups and transaction fees. These savings not only strengthen the company's finances but also open up greater investment opportunities for future product development goals. Furthermore, Lesslie Pay has enabled forward contracts for Sure Taste.

Forward contracting means that the company can secure an exchange rate on the same day for a future payment, such as payments due in two weeks. This flexibility allows Sure Taste to plan its liquidity for upcoming payments in advance, reducing uncertainty about future exchange rate movements and effectively assisting the company in managing its currency transactions, all while allowing them to 'sleep a little better at night'.

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