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Lesslie and Categoria have collaboratively automated Medfour's international payment workflow.

The collaboration between Lesslie and the accounting firm Categoria is an excellent example of how companies can work together to enhance financial management and create added value for their clients.

Time Savings

With Lesslie Pay, Medfour has saved  up to 100 hours on its accounting. 


Lesslie has automated the accounting process, minimizing manual intervention and ensuring fast results.

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Medfour for a Healthier and Better Life

Medfour is a rapidly growing player in the Swedish healthcare industry, specialising in the distribution of medical technology products, wound care products, and healthy foods. Their focus is on introducing, developing, and promoting products that enhance health, care, and quality of life. With a presence spanning across the entire Nordic region, and Sweden as their primary market, the company serves pharmacies, healthcare companies, veterinarians, the public sector, and private healthcare providers

”Both Categoria and Lesslie have quickly freed up a significant amount of my time, which I can now invest in developing our products and brands for pharmacies and healthcare, working towards better health, care, and everyday life.”


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- Jakob Nachtweij, Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer at Medfour 


Key Results

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Smooth customer experience:

Lesslie Pay has created a seamless customer experience through its user-friendly app and rapid onboarding process, which has enhanced both Categoria's and Medfour's efficiency and trust.

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More value, Less work

Through this implementation, Lesslie has increased the value for both companies while reducing the time previously spent on inefficient work.

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Increased customer satisfaction:

These improvements have effectively boosted customer satisfaction for both companies.

"All of our purchases occur outside of Sweden, and for several years, we struggled with manual work for international payments as well as very high currency exchange and transaction fees. Until we started using Lesslie Pay, it consumed a significant amount of my time to administer this.”

- Jakob Nachtweij, Co-founder and CFO at Medfour

Payments in other currencies = a Complicated process

Payments to countries with currencies other than the Swedish Krona can be complex and costly. Medfour, which deals in EUR, GBP, and USD, has faced challenges in its accounting when it comes to international payments due to manual work and high exchange and transaction costs.

Improvement needed in handling international payments for accounting firms

Before the implementation of Lesslie, handling international payments was a time-consuming and intricate process. This included manually identifying and segregating foreign suppliers from domestic ones, as well as manually setting up each foreign supplier for payment with the bank. This process, in itself, took a significant amount of time.

After the payment was made, further manual work was required to calculate currency exchange losses and gains. This process was not only time-consuming but also prone to human errors. With Lesslie, these challenges have now been streamlined and, in many cases, completely eliminated, according to Anton Wislander, CEO and founder of the accounting firm Categoria.

"As a small business owner, it can sometimes be challenging to let go of control over tasks. However, we are very pleased with our choice of Categoria Group as our full-service accounting firm. Completely digital and outstanding in communication!”

- Jakob Nachtweij, Co-founder and CFO at Medfour

A collaboration that streamlined financial management

With the support of Lesslie, we've been able to transform the handling of international payments. Now, currency conversion, transfer, and accounting happen automatically and lightning-fast. This has not only reduced the risk of errors but has also freed up invaluable time for us, which we can now use for more value-added activities for Medfour. That includes providing advice and deepening our relationships,  says Anton Wislander, CEO and founder of Categoria.

”Before Lesslie, international payments were a time-consuming nightmare. Now, it's simple and quick, which has liberated us from routine work and allowed us to offer even more tailored advice and service to our clients.”


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- Anton Wislander, CEO and Founder of Categoria  


The collaboration between Lesslie and the accounting firm Categoria is an excellent example of how companies can work together to improve their financial management and create added value for their customers. By reducing the complexity and costs of international payments, Medfour has strengthened its position and can now focus on continuing its successful growth as a leading health product distributor in Sweden and internationally.

”We've had Lesslie Pay for almost a year now, and it just keeps getting better with even more features. Incredibly satisfied with the full automation, especially the savings on our international payments. Looking forward to our partnership for a long time to come.”

- Jakob Nachtweij, Co-founder and CFO at Medfourr


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