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The change effort that brought more money to a better world

With Lesslie Pay, Ge Effektivt has reduced its exchange and transaction fees by 30%. This means that they can now support the world's most effective organisations in global health, climate, and animal welfare with even more money.


Ge Effektivt reduces its currency exchange fees by 30% compared to its previous bank.


Lesslie Pay has identified practical opportunities for improving the day-to-day management of Ge Effektivt's accounting.

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About Ge Effektivt

Ge Effektivt, in Sweden is a non-profit organisation dedicated to disseminating information and raising funds for effective charitable organisations. They draw inspiration from effective altruism and collaborate with Effektiv Altruism Sweden Founded by Henri Thunberg, Ge Effektivt aims to redirect Swedish donations towards more efficient organisations. If as little as 1% of all private donations were directed to effective organisations, the impact of Swedish giving could double.


Key Results

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A more efficient payment solution

The implementation of Lesslie Pay has enhanced payment management by reducing currency exchange costs by 30%, allowing a larger portion of the collected funds to directly support charities.

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Effective bookkeeping opportunities

Lesslie Pay has identified practical opportunities for improving the day-to-day management of Ge Effektivt's accounting.

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Faster processing of recurring international payments.

For Ge Effektivt, which regularly sends large transactions to foreign accounts, switching from the bank's interface to Lesslie's not only made the process faster but also more secure. This way, time and focus can be directed towards even more fundraising efforts.


“We find that one challenge is that promises don't always align with the end results, and the market volatility, coupled with the lack of transparency, creates an unclear landscape."


Henri Thunberg

- Henri Thunberg, Chairman and Founder of Ge Effektivt 


"As part of Deloitte's CSR initiative, which offers free consulting services to charitable organisations, a dialogue with Lesslie was recommended. This was due to Ge Effektivt's volumes and the need for low fees to maximise the impact of each donation. Additionally, the fact that Lesslie was a local start-up aligned with Ge Effektivt's desire for the opportunity of a strong ongoing dialogue." 


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- Love Lindvall, Consultant at Deloitte AB 


Solving a problem is rarely simple when you aren't even aware the problem exists

Like many other entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized organisations, we tend to procrastinate and avoid dealing with the 'tedious tasks,' which typically include administration and accounting. Accounting can be both time-consuming and complex, whether you choose to manage it yourself or hire a traditional agency. Henri Thunberg, the founder of Ge Effektivt, shared his experience:

- My first introduction to Lesslie was when Lesslie's CEO called me after listening to a podcast episode in which I participated. Before this, I had no idea what Lesslie was. After an engaging conversation with their CEO, I quickly realised that this company offered an efficient solution for something I didn't even know our organisation needed.

Ge Effektivt channels 100% of the donor's gift to beneficiary organisations and covers all administration-related costs, including transaction fees. They noticed that currency exchange fees and transaction fees could be volatile and high, which seemed like an inefficient use of resources. High currency exchange fees from banks had previously been an unseen factor driving up costs.

"Lesslie has been working smoothly for us without any complaints so far, and we are delighted that we switched to their simple and efficient service."

- Henri Thunberg, Chairman and Founder of Ge Effektivt.

Three wishes that came true

When Ge Effektivt started using Lesslie Pay, their currency exchange costs decreased by 30%, and transaction fees were completely eliminated. This allowed them to redirect both time and funds towards their core activities: information and fundraising. Meanwhile, the company's accounting process for international payments also improved.

- We were satisfied with our previous provider, but we actually considered making the switch to Lesslie, even though they were relatively new in the market. It was a stroke of luck that we had the assistance of a highly regarded auditing firm. They conducted a comprehensive market analysis and, in the end, they concluded that Lesslie Pay was the best fit for us," shared Henri Thunberg, Chairman and Founder of Ge Effektivt.

Ge Effektivt requested the following:

  • A cheaper and better way to handle their cross-border payments.
  • Increase the donation to their beneficiary organisations.
  • Improved their accounting.

all of these requests have been fulfilled thanks to the integration with Lesslie Pay.

Would you like to contribute to Ge Effektivt's important work?

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Karimatu is the mother of twins, Rabiatu and Maryam. She ensured that all her children were vaccinated and used the cash she received, among other things, to cover transportation expenses.

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