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“I really appreciate the service. It's easy to use, and you get quick and excellent support when needed. As the icing on the cake, the service is completely free”

Concealed Wines wanted to lower their currency exchange fees. In return, they not only saved money but also got help with automated bookkeeping and a better view of their cross-border payments.


Concealed Wines now operates more efficiently with a 100% automated accounting process.


Lesslie Pay has resulted in significant cost savings for Concealed Wines, thanks to free transactions and a 30% reduction in currency exchange fees compared to the bank.

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Concealed Wines offers high-quality wines from unique producers

The idea behind Concealed Wines was founded by the two childhood friends Calle Nilsson and Simon Källquist. Calle, the project manager and entrepreneur, and Simon the sommelier, joined forces to establish the company in 2008. Today, their team is a great mix of individuals with diverse backgrounds, all sharing the same focus and ambition: to deliver high quality and the best possible support and service to their customers.

"A friend recommended Lesslie to me. Thanks to him and, of course, Lesslie's service, we've managed to reduce our exchange costs. We've also automated our bookkeeping related to our corss-border payments, allowing us to work more efficient"



- Simon Källquist, Co-founder and Head of Purchasing  /  Sales Manager at Concealed Wines  


Key Results 🔑

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Less fees. More value

Concealed Wines now saves over hundred thousand Swedish kronors each year, thanks to the free transactions and by cutting currency exchange fees by 30% using Lesslie Pay  instead of the bank.

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Simple and automated process

With Lesslie's help, Concealed Wines has moved away from a time-consuming and manual bookkeeping approach for their cross-border payments, transitioning into a fully automated process.

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Easy onboarding  

After a smooth and effective onboarding session with Lesslie's customer success, Concealed Wines quickly adopted the service. Now, the company enjoys a user-friendly, transparent and organised overview of its exchange rates and cross-border payments.

High bank fees and unfavorable exchange rates: No thanks!

Calle and Simon faced a significant challenge when they realised that the company was being impacted by both high bank fees and poor exchange rates. These expenses were on the rise, negatively affecting the company's growth, especially in terms of purchasing costs. This was particularly pronounced as Concealed Wines pays its suppliers in euros and dollars. With the Swedish krona weakening against these currencies, financial pressure increased for the company.

“I find the service to be very easy to use besides, we get quick and effective support when needed. The fact that the service is free is a great bonus.”



- Carola Gerdin, CFO at Concealed Wines 


The power of word of mouth

When Simon got in contact with Lesslie, we discovered that we were referred by a friend of his. His friend had observed that Lesslie specialises in providing businesses involved with cross-border payments a better exchange rate compared to traditional banks.

We offered a cost-effective solution which suited their needs, resulting in a 30% cost saving + free transactions compared to their bank. Implementing a new system and changing rutines is often a nightmare for many companies as it sometimes involves a time-consuming and complicated process. After showing our demo, Simon and Carola, Concealed Wines' CFO, quickly realised how smooth and user-friendly Lesslie Pay would be to them. I really appreciate the service. It's easy to use, and you get quick and excellent support when needed. As the icing on the cake, the service is completely free," says Carola Gerdin. Simon and the team saw significant benefits from implementing Lesslie Pay, and right after their onboarding meeting, they were up and running with the service.

Thanks to Lesslie Pay, Concealed Wines now enjoys:

  • 30% lower exchange fees + free transactions, saving the company significant money annually.
  • Automated bookkeeping for cross-border payments integrated with their ERP-system, Fortnox .
  • Quick and professional support for any questions or concerns.

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