Automated bookkeeping and 30% lower exchange fees - Lesslie Pay provides Wettersol with a smarter financial solution

This has reduced manual workload, saved time, minimised incorrect payments, and benefited the company financially.


Lesslie reduced the currency exchange fees by 30%, enhancing competitive advantage.


Through seamless ERP integration between Lesslie, Fortnox, the bank, and tax authorities, the company has achieved a fully automated accounting process, while simultaneously eliminating the risk of exchange rate discrepancies.

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Wettersol, a better solar solution for homes, farms, and businesses

Demand for solar panels has significantly increased in Sweden over the past few years, an investment that benefits both the environment and the economy. One company that has embraced this trend is Wettersol AB in Jönköping.

Since 2018, they have been installing complete solar solutions for homes, businesses, farms, and industries. They are committed to the Jönköping region and always strive to deliver the best possible service to their customers before, during, and after installation. With their own service technicians, electricians, and installers - along with the principles of quality, knowledge, and commitment - they carry out complete premium installations using market-leading solar panels, inverters, solar batteries, and electric vehicle chargers.

  • Industry: Solar Energy Industry
  • Year of Establishment: 2018
  • Revenue: 100 million SEK
  • Number of Employees: 50
  • Market: Sweden



A Increasing Challenge

Wettersol has experienced positive growth in recent years. As their customer base and business operations have expanded, their international costs have also risen due to material purchases from abroad. However, their international payments have also become a challenge. Managing international payments has gradually become more complicated and demanding, while the risk of errors has increased. This growing complexity has created a significant administrative obstacle for the company.

“I am extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Lesslie; now we save both time and money. Complicated bookkeeping becomes simple, and we avoid discrepancies in exchange rates.”

- Magnus Juvén CEO of Wettersol


A brilliant solution with automated bookkeeping

Managing international payments is a necessity for Wettersol's continued growth and success. To address these challenges and enhance efficiency, Wettersol considered implementing modern digital solutions. They got in touch with us at Lesslie, where our specialty lies in simplification and automation of payment flows within international transactions. By automating the payment process and implementing digital payment links between the bank, Fortnox, and Skatteverket, Wettersol has successfully:

  • Reduced the manual workload
  • Saved time and resources
  • Minimised the risk of incorrect payments and delays

Lesslie has also lowered the currency exchange fees by 30%, which benefits the company financially. This change has improved Wettersol's international financial management and freed them to focus more on their core business, providing them with greater confidence in their continued journey of growth.

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