Lesslie PAY empowers FUBUKI: Overcoming payment barriers and optimising time and cost efficiency!

With a growing e-commerce platform and physical presence in over 200 stores across 13 countries, FUBUKI has become a favorite in the boots market.


Reduced manual accounting linked to foreign payments

40% savings

FUBUKI save 40% on their exchange and transaction fees linked to their foreign savings compared to their previous bank

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From a flooded factory to the impact of the pandemic, it's an understatement to say that FUBUKI had a challenging start. However, when well-known athletes and photographers started wearing their colourful boots, success took off. With increased growth and demand comes an increased international trade volume.

FUBUKI, founded by two Swedes, has quickly reached a large international audience. Last year, the company sold nearly 25,000 colourful boots, and their success has skyrocketed. With impressive popularity among both professional and amateur snow enthusiasts in the sports industry worldwide, FUBUKI has built a strong community and gained a significant presence on Instagram with almost 20k followers. They spread a culture of color, unconventionality, and personal style. What surprises many is that despite the rapid success and enormous demand for their products, the company is still run by only two owners, Kalle Norman and Christofer Ljunggren.

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FUBUKI's challenge

With a growing e-commerce platform and physical presence in nearly 200 stores across 13 countries, FUBUKI has become a favorite in the boots market. Alongside the impressive growth curve, the company's international payments have increased, as has the administrative work associated with these payments. To address these challenges, FUBUKI decided to use our payment service, Lesslie PAY. By implementing our service, the company can streamline its accounting and cross-border payment flows, freeing up valuable time that can now be directed towards further driving and developing the company.

"With smart technology, fast service, easy onboarding, and great support, Lesslie Pay is a payment solution in a class of its own. They have helped us save a tremendous amount of administrative time and money on our cross-border payments, giving us the opportunity to focus on growing and developing our company"

Karl Gunnar  Karl Gunnar Norman
  Founder and CEO of FUBUKI


The solution

Thanks to Lesslie's integration with Fortnox, we can offer FUBUKI a smart and efficient financial solution connected to their international payments. Through this integration, the company has automated its accounting process, saving valuable time and significantly reducing operational risk. Additionally, we have managed to reduce both transaction and exchange fees by 40% compared to their previous bank. This enables FUBUKI to optimise its financial flows and achieve significant cost savings. The team can now look forward to a simpler, smoother, and more profitable management of their international payments while focusing on continuing to offer high-quality products and excellent customer service to their customers.




The result

FUBUKI immediately noticed the positive effects of integrating with Lesslie. After onboarding, they realised the value of using Lesslie Pay for their international payments. Today, two months later, the team continues to benefit from Lesslie Pay and experiences smooth and efficient transactions.


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