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"With Lesslie Pay, our accounting firm can work more safely and efficiently, while also providing cost savings to our customers."

Savings for the end customer 

Thanks to Lesslie Pay, Driv can now offer its end customers greater savings on currency exchange rates compared to what they previously had with their bank. 


The implementation of Lesslie Pay has allowed Driv to free up more hours for other tasks that directly benefit their business, rather than spending time on the manual handling of complex and time-consuming international payments.

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"In addition to the benefits we receive from Lesslie Pay, we've also been able to offer our customers the opportunity to save on currency exchange and transaction fees by up to 30%. So, both our customers and we are satisfied."


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- Ayse Yalcin, CEO at Driven Ekonomi i Stockholm 



Driv accounting firm struggled with the time-consuming tasks associated with cross-border payments and fluctuating currency exchange rates. They were actively seeking a comprehensive solution to manage finances in international trade and were in search of a partner who could meet their requirements for international trade bookkeeping.


When Lesslie and Driv formed a partnership, it resulted in more than just a safer and more efficient method for managing Driv's customers with international payments. Now, all the bookkeeping work related to international payments runs smoothly with just a single bank ID signature. What's more, Driv can pass on significant savings of up to 30% on currency exchange and transaction fees to their customers, compared to their previous bank. This means that customers can invest more in activities that add value to their core business. The introduction of Lesslie Pay has truly benefited both Driv's customers and Driv as an accounting firm.

Driv witnessed immediate benefits from the implementation of Lesslie Pay:

✔️ Time savings in handling international payments.

✔️ Now, Driv can offer its end customers cost savings of up to 30% compared to traditional banks in terms of currency exchange and transaction fees.

✔️ A safer and more efficient way of working.

“Using Lesslie Pay is incredibly smooth and easy for us. We haven't faced any difficulties! We're also grateful that we can call Lesslie whenever we need professional and quick support.”

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- Matilda Tapper, Accountant at Driven Ekonomi i Stockholm


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